Why YouTube SEO: Importance Of Video Marketing [CASE STUDY: TOP Rankings On Google AND YouTube!]

Why YouTube SEO Importance Of Video Marketing CASE STUDY TOP Rankings On Google AND YouTube

Why YouTube SEO: Importance Of Video Marketing [CASE STUDY: TOP Rankings On Google AND YouTube!] by Simon Leung (Click Subscribe To Watch The Full “How To Make Money Online” Series Playlist)

As a YouTuber, video marketer or online business owner of any kind, I’m sure you have been told that SEO (search engine optimization) is important.

After all, with Google being the world’s number one search engine and YouTube coming in close as the world’s number two search engine, this means that SEO plays a huge role in driving targeted traffic, leads and viewers to your business, websites and videos.

Especially as a YouTuber, or anyone doing any kind of video marketing on YouTube, the concept of YouTube SEO or Video SEO are both crucial in helping you to get more exposure in your business.

And in this video lesson, Simon Leung demonstrates the power of effective YouTube video marketing by showing you the SEO results from his most recent video – [YouTuber Millionaire Secrets ??????????? | Free Mini Course ?????? | Malaysia ???? (????)] – as well as direct search engine results displaying this video in top rankings on both Google and YouTube within only a matter of minutes after publication.

YES – It IS possible to get instantaneous search engine rankings, a fact that most fake gurus will deny because they simply don’t know how it is done, or may not even know that these fast SEO results are even possible.

However, as demonstrated ever so slightly by Simon Leung in this video lesson, despite experiencing technical difficulties in the recording of the screen during the upload process of the video, top Google and YouTube rankings can still be seen within less than one hour from the time that the video has been published.

What makes this demonstration even more remarkable are the facts that the original video was not only uploaded and optimized in multiple languages, both of which also achieved high rankings on both Google and YouTube, but the video is also an example of one that doesn’t show the content creator’s face on camera.

This means that effective and powerful YouTube SEO strategies for video marketing is 100% working even for faceless videos, despite what many others who would also try to argue that videos that don’t show someone’s face will get penalized or receive less than average results, or that they won’t get ranked at all in search engines like Google or YouTube.

Regardless – this video lesson by Simon Leung proves all the skeptics wrong and confirms once and for all that at the end of the night, the “Google Insider Secrets” and now also “YouTube Insider Secrets” rule all, and the proof is in the pudding.

Experience this confirmation for yourself by watching this video lesson in full and feel the power of true YouTube SEO marketing in action!

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Why YouTube SEO Importance Of Video Marketing CASE STUDY TOP Rankings On Google AND YouTube