October 2007

The Death of Google AdWords Comes To Life

“The Death of Google AdWords” is my latest report that takes a grim look into the dark future of Google AdWords. It’s controversial and it’s scary – but it’s something you must know to keep your business from getting buried in 2008. A series of recent personal tragic events have inspired me to reflect on life, and the result is a product that has generated a lot of buzz, curiosity… Read More »The Death of Google AdWords Comes To Life

Altitude Mastermind with Alex Mandossian

Hello from the Altitude Mastermind session at Alex Mandossian’s living room in beautiful Novato, California!  Simon Leung and Alex Mandossian in front of a limo parked outside of his Novato house I had the extreme pleasure of spending the entire day today with Alex Mandossian at his gorgeous, 5500 square feet brand new Novato home, along with a handful of other Altitude attendees to mastermind about what we’ve learned, implemented… Read More »Altitude Mastermind with Alex Mandossian

Mark Hendricks’ Internet Success System Conference

Hello from Room 426 of the Sheraton Gateway Atlanta Airport Hotel and Resort at Mark Hendricks’ Internet Success System (ISS) Conference in College Park, Georgia! ISS Conference Presentation ISS Conference Q&A Session As I am typing this, we are experiencing a power failure here at the Sheraton Gateway Atlanta Airport, and we were told that the blackout is occurring all around this area, which is several miles south of the… Read More »Mark Hendricks’ Internet Success System Conference

Jason Oman Update from Atlanta

I’ve received tons of emails and messages from countless friends and well wishers who are asking about how Jason Oman is doing, so I thought I’d give you a quick update on his progress. I just came back from the Emory University Hospital here in Atlanta with my local Apprentice, Mitch Mauldin. We only got to see Jason briefly because he had just taken his medication, so he was about… Read More »Jason Oman Update from Atlanta

Please Send Get Well Wishes for Jason Oman

Please Click Here To Leave Your Get Well Message For Jason OmanAs you may or may not have heard, my very good friend, brilliant marketer and #1 best selling author of “Conversations with Millionaires,” Jason Oman, recently experienced a brain aneurysm, and is currently awaiting major surgery at an Atlanta hospital.   Simon Leung and Jason Oman This news came as a shock to me particularly because I had spoken… Read More »Please Send Get Well Wishes for Jason Oman

Eben Pagan’s Altitude Program

Hello from Room 1638 of the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza once again on Avenue of the Stars at Eben Pagan’s Altitude Program live event in Los Angeles, California!   Simon Leung and Eben Pagan Today is day three of Eben Pagan’s five day event, and I must say that I am absolutely floored at the intense level of quality information delivered here, and I can honestly testify that it has… Read More »Eben Pagan’s Altitude Program