December 2004

My First Traffic Lesson

OK, it seems like no matter what website I end up, there is a common theme – promote, promote, promote! Promote this page or link and watch the sales come soaring in, they say. But the thing is, not too many of these sites teach you how to promote. So – how do you do it? How do you promote your website and get targeted traffic to your website? While… Read More »My First Traffic Lesson

Emerald Passport Distributor

Alright – I joined another program, and this one required a lot of financial commitment upfront! I suppose it’s not only an investment in the business; I actually purchased a self-help course that teaches you a lot of the skills you will need to succeed professionally and personally. The thing is – it was expensive! However, the point was that I wanted to get involved in this business – it… Read More »Emerald Passport Distributor

Plug Into Profit!

I ran across a website today from a guy who seems to have once been in the situation that I am now. His name is Stone Evans and he was struggling to make ends meet for a very long time in the Internet Marketing business. Like me, he is holding a daytime job, and spending most of his off-time dedicated to his online business. Stone has a very unique proposition.… Read More »Plug Into Profit!

BuzzMeIn! Marketing

I got my domain name! It took days of brainstorming and figuring out what name to register. This was a lot more involved process than I imagined! All of my original choices were not even available. But alas, I finally got one that I actually like a lot. Introducing… BuzzMeIn! Marketing – I can already think of a few tag lines for this: – Have you heard the buzz?–… Read More »BuzzMeIn! Marketing

It’s Never Going to End!

Jeez…these customers are pissed! I mean, I suppose I would be too – some products still have not arrived, some are not satisfied with the quality of the products, and yet others are just trying to be difficult… After this round is over, I’m seriously going to shut down and Oh by the way, did I mention that the store I bought from is a TOTAL SCAM?… Read More »It’s Never Going to End!

Selling Wholesale Products is No Fun

Somebody please shoot me! I think I made a terrible mistake doing this. I’ll start from the beginning. So I got those 2 websites, right? These were ready-made websites all ready to go. All I had to do was promote them. However, I couldn’t use AdWords or any of its competitors. My search engine optimization skills aren’t exactly up to par, either. How else can I get traffic? I honestly… Read More »Selling Wholesale Products is No Fun

Wholesale Product Websites

I was tossing around in bed tonight and couldn’t sleep at all. I was thinking about what I could do with my Internet business. Surely there has to be something for me. The world of Internet Marketing is so vast and full of opportunities; why can’t I find my niche? And then, I had an epiphany. I don’t even know how it came to me, but all of the sudden,… Read More »Wholesale Product Websites