May 2006

My Adventures in Pittsburgh

Greetings from the William Penn Omni Hotel in Pittsburgh, PA! I’m in town with a colleague for only a couple of days for a few client visits. We completed our first presentation earlier this morning, presenting information that will help them and giving them insight on how to better achieve their advertising goals. This is my first time in Pittsburgh and it’s a great little town. Unfortunately, neither my colleague… Read More »My Adventures in Pittsburgh

#1 on MSN!

Recently, I did a search on some of the keyword terms I was targeting for laughs and giggles and was shocked but pleasantly surprised nonetheless at the search results – #1 on! Now, I know what you are thinking… MSN? But that’s the wrong search engine, my friend! Believe me, I know. But hey, I’m not a Search Engine Optimization Expert by trade (I’m an AdWords Optimization Expert =), so I think getting… Read More »#1 on MSN!

My Weekend in San Antonio

This past weekend at the MasterListBuilder FUN Shop in San Antonio was an eye-opening experience for me. The opportunity to meet and speak with today’s most successful Internet Marketers completely blew my mind. I mean, these are the guys that I’ve seen all across the Internet! I subscribe to their lists and receive more emails from them than I do from my own family and friends! It was one thing… Read More »My Weekend in San Antonio

MasterListBuilder FUN Shop

Hello from San Antonio and Happy Cinco de Mayo! Man, oh man, oh man! It has been an INCREDIBLE couple of days of action-packed sessions! It’s almost 1:30AM and I just finished speaking with Jason Oman, #1 Best-Selling author of Conversations with Millionaires from WOW!! We had the chance to chat for 2 hours over dinner as well as another 3 or so hours after the last session and came up with… Read More »MasterListBuilder FUN Shop