September 2008 Preview Video Call

Hong Kong has been in the middle of a severe storm during the past few days that has literally caused the whole city to shut down… I’m talking about grounded public transportation, flights and ships as a result of heavy rains, thunder and winds at up to 200km caused by a T8 typhoon storm (AKA tropical cyclone). But as we say in Internet Marketing, “the seminar must go on,” which… Read More » Preview Video Call

Meet Your AIMVenture AdWords Assistants

Hello from the 18th floor of the Guyang Mansion in Nanjing, China, where, along with Andy Huang, my business partner for AIMVenture Corporation, we are continuing to build out our various outsourcing teams, including AdWords Assistants, among other traffic generation services. Simon Leung And Andy Huang With The AIMVenture China Team In addition to providing Internet Marketing services, the Nanjing office is also our headquarters for several other businesses, which consists of e-commerce… Read More »Meet Your AIMVenture AdWords Assistants – AdWords Outsourcing Service (Free Consultation)

I’ve been traveling pretty aggressively for the past two years, and I can pretty much count the number of weekends I actually spent at home in 2008 with one hand. And after spending my first weekend at home in several months, well, I’m leaving again… This time, I’m going with Andy Huang (my apprentice turned business partner) back to Nanjing, China, to continue building our growing AdWords outsourcing team. We have… Read More » – AdWords Outsourcing Service (Free Consultation)