March 2005

Check-Up Call

Scott called yesterday to check up on my progress. That was nice of him! Unfortunately, there was a little bit of server delay with our email systems and we weren’t able to get into detail about the keyword list I had put together. I had come up with a group of niche terms revolving around ebook resale rights, internet marketing, marketing ebook, marketing software, online business, online marketing and software… Read More »Check-Up Call

Call #1 – Niche Market Ideas

On our first call today, Scott asked me to dig down into a specific area of credibility and interest. This is particularly hard, just because I’m not really credible at anything! I did prepare an outline of my interests, which include resale rights products and affiliate programs. However, Scott really drilled down to get me to spit out something that I am passionate about or have experience in. I narrowed… Read More »Call #1 – Niche Market Ideas

Finally Had My Intro Call!

I talked to Scott earlier today, and he sounds like a very down-to-earth kinda guy. We talked about the business and my aspirations for this program, and he seems very dedicated to helping me reach my goals. That’s exciting! It does sound like this is going to be a very intensive program. After all, we only have 6 months time together. He also sounds like a very busy guy with… Read More »Finally Had My Intro Call!

When Will My Sessions Start?

Well, my sessions still haven’t started yet. Apparently, Scott’s schedule is very booked – so we haven’t even had our Audit call yet! He can’t do it on evenings or weekends, and that includes the sessions that we will be having. It’s a little inconvenient, since I do have a day job I need to go to. But what can you do? He threw out a date today and said… Read More »When Will My Sessions Start?