September 2006

Total AdWords Landing Page Strategies

Earlier this afternoon, Paulie and I held our “Total AdWords Landing Page Strategies” teleseminar call. This was the “Total Bonus Package” element #1 that we promised our customers as investors of the AdWords Empire product through our affiliate link. During a 100+ minute conversation between Paulie and I, we provided some of the most strategic and compelling techniques in turning your AdWords visitors into customers. Furthermore, Paulie and I went… Read More »Total AdWords Landing Page Strategies

My TIMME at The Internet Marketing Main Event II

Hello from The Internet Marketing Main Event II (TIMME II) at the BWI Marriot in Baltimore, Maryland! (TIMME II organizers Paulie Sabol, Donna Fox and Mike Filsaime) It’s 4:10AM and I just came back into room 713 after an eventful night of brainstorming, interviewing and chatting with other Internet Marketers who also attended the event. Believe it or not, this is the earliest I have called it a night all… Read More »My TIMME at The Internet Marketing Main Event II

List Profit Academy’s Newest Faculty Members

Exactly 2 months ago, I met Brian Edmondson on the Marketing Cruise. Throughout the trip, we had the chance to get to know each other and talk about our own respective businesses. Brian’s then upcoming business model was very astounding… He would interview some of the top List Building Masters, as he refers to them, in the entire Internet Marketing industry. And they most certainly would be… From the ranks… Read More »List Profit Academy’s Newest Faculty Members

AdWords Empire Promotional Call

I had my very first experience on a live teleseminar call yesterday on the topic of AdWords Affiliate Marketing with my JV Partner and good friend, Paulie Sabol. During our call, which lasted a little over 75 minutes, Paulie and I discussed the various benefits of affiliate marketing, the best way to get your affiliate marketing business up and running, and more advanced tips on affiliate marketing strategies. To tie… Read More »AdWords Empire Promotional Call

AdWords Empire Ultimate Bonus Package

It’s almost 4AM, and I can’t sleep. I think it must be the excitement… You see, the highly anticipated launch of Jo Han Mok and Fabian Lim’s AdWords Empire isonly hours away. But is this the reason why I’m excited? Maybe, maybe not… With the launch of AdWords Empire also comes another launch – the launch of my very first promotional bonus package! Introducing… THE ADWORDS EMPIRE ULTIMATE BONUS PACKAGE That’s right. Paulie Sabol and I have teamed up to… Read More »AdWords Empire Ultimate Bonus Package