October 2008

Social Media Simplified in Ventura, California

Hello from Ventura Technology Development Center on the filming set of theSocial Media Simplified Web 2.0 Master Class in Ventura, CA! Social Media Simplified Presenters Mari Smith, Deborah Micek, Linda Taylor, Denise Wakeman, Simon Leung And Nancy Marmolejo Even though I only had one hour of sleep that I snuck in during my 6am flight from San Jose to Ontario, I was too excited to be tired as my partner Andy… Read More »Social Media Simplified in Ventura, California

Ken McArthur’s jvAlert Live and Vitality in Las Vegas, Nevada

Hello from Room 519 of the Monte Lago Village Resort at Ken McArthur’sjvAlert Live in Lake Las Vegas, Nevada! I actually didn’t arrive into Las Vegas until Sunday morning on an early morning flight from San Jose with Lee Collins, Robin Collins and Eric Farewell (which is why I didn’t have any time at all to take any photos!), and when I stepped into the jvAlert Live room, I was immediately… Read More »Ken McArthur’s jvAlert Live and Vitality in Las Vegas, Nevada

Internet Marketing Hong Kong

Almost two years after I registered the domain nameInternetMarketingHongKong.com on Christmas Day in 2006, Hong Kong’s version of the Internet Marketing Power Blog is finally live! InternetMarketingHongKong.com Homepage Even though I had big plans for InternetMarketingHongKong.com at the time I registered it, my hectic project load and heavy traveling schedule kept me away from focusing on these plans. During the time since registering InternetMarketingHongKong.com, I spent almost every weekend on the road speaking at… Read More »Internet Marketing Hong Kong