May 2005

Call #5: Salescopy

In today’s session, Scott talked a whole lot about salescopy. After all, it is pretty much the most important aspect of your website. Your salescopy makes the sale, not the graphics and designs. So now, I’ve pretty much got my work cut out for me. I’m going to start working on my first page of my salescopy. The crazy thing is that the salescopy is always going to be an… Read More »Call #5: Salescopy

A Product Worth Promoting

So I figured it wasn’t worth the time to develop a completely new product because 1) there’s a lot of information to include, 2) it’s a lot of work just to re-invent the wheel and 3) the competition is just too huge. My solution? Promote the affiliate program of my biggest competitor! No doubt, Perry Marshall has made a big name for himself in the world of Internet Marketing –… Read More »A Product Worth Promoting

Call #4: Product Development

In part 2 of the Niche Market worksheet I had to complete before today’s call, I had to put my research hat back on as I dive in while looking through the eyes of my potential customers, figuring out what their primarily objectives are and what kind of solutions they’re looking for. …Which leads us to product development. Now, there are 5 main areas – Product, Affiliate, Information, Dropshipping and… Read More »Call #4: Product Development