A Product Worth Promoting

So I figured it wasn’t worth the time to develop a completely new product because 1) there’s a lot of information to include, 2) it’s a lot of work just to re-invent the wheel and 3) the competition is just too huge.

My solution? Promote the affiliate program of my biggest competitor!

No doubt, Perry Marshall has made a big name for himself in the world of Internet Marketing – he’s HUGE! Other gurus seek him out for advice! While I’m confident in my own skills as an AdWords expert, the only thing holding me back is also one of the most important – credibility in the eyes of my customers.

How can I win over Perry Marshall if they don’t know who I am, right? Well, then, this is where I’m going to start. I will promote Perry Marshall’s The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords, and at the same time, I’ll also be promoting myself!