December 2005

Brunson Twins!

Well, we’ve only one additional real session with a guest speaker since my last Affiliate Bootcamp update, and that’s with Willie Crawford on JV Brokering. But this is not without good reason – Russell Brunson just had his twins! Congrats, Russell! You can see pictures and videos at With that, I guess we won’t really get into any more sessions until January at the latest. So until then, Happy… Read More »Brunson Twins!

Free Advertising Blog!

Mike Filsaime is a genius – that’s all I gotta say about that… This guy is a hard hitter and master of affiliate, viral, and more recently, butterfly marketing. He knows all the hard stuff when it comes to list building and SEO ranking, and check this out – Mike is going to let anyone advertise on his blog – ABSOLUTELY FREE! Do you know what that means? 1) You… Read More »Free Advertising Blog!