July 2008

@SimonLeung Day

I was originally planning to keep my birthday low-profile this year… But thanks to Warren Whitlock and Deborah Micek (who were reminded by Donna Fox about my birthday), I was acknowledged with my own @SimonLeung Day in honor of my birthday on their Twitter Handbook website. As soon as the clock hit 12AM, an overwhelming outpour of birthday wishes almost immediately (and very much unexpectedly) began flowing into my Twitter, Facebook and MySpace profiles! Not only did I receive… Read More »@SimonLeung Day

Pat O’Bryan’s UnSeminar 5 In San Antonio, Texas

Hello from Room 1170 of the Drury Plaza Hotel at Pat O’Bryan’s UnSeminar 5 in San Antonio, Texas! It’s great to return to San Antonio since my very first Internet Marketing seminar in May of 2006, as well as my first speaking engagement three months later in August, also happened right here in San Antonio. But this time, it was a much more exciting experience… In front of a jam packed room, I had… Read More »Pat O’Bryan’s UnSeminar 5 In San Antonio, Texas

Ross Goldberg’s Masters Seminar In Chicago, IL

Hello from Room 1116 of the Westin Hotel at Ross Goldberg’s Masters Seminar in Chicago, IL! As you can see from the Masters Seminar sign, Ross Goldberg has gone all out with a high budget production for his latest Masters Seminar. :) All joking aside, the sign above was only temporary while we awaited the print-outs of the real sign, which was ready before the doors opened at 8am on Friday… Read More »Ross Goldberg’s Masters Seminar In Chicago, IL