April 2005

Call #3: Problem Statement & Keyword Research

I did another fair amount of preparation before this call again. A LOT of research was done on Wordtracker. As valuable as this tool is, I wish it would work a little bit faster. It takes forever to search and dig into these terms to find new terms. It’s very inefficient… Anyway, for most of the call today, we went more in-depth about additional features of Wordtracker, and how to… Read More »Call #3: Problem Statement & Keyword Research

Call #2: Target Audience & Competition

I had stayed up until past 3:30AM to finish up on the niche market brainstorming spreadsheet so that I could send it to Scott and have it ready for the call. We didn’t even spend that much time going over it. =( Instead, Scott focused more on attracting the right target audience for my product. That was interesting also. This, too, is another process, much like researching keywords. You need… Read More »Call #2: Target Audience & Competition