Simon Leung Defamation Case – “The Truth” (Full Disclosure Video Trailer)

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Simon Leung Defamation Case – “The Truth” (Full Disclosure Video Trailer) by Simon Leung (Click Subscribe To Watch The Full “How To Make Money Online” Series Playlist)


Simon Leung has been unlawfully defamed, and to clear up his name, Simon Leung has privately recorded a legal cause of action video that reveals all.

From false accusations to scam allegations, Simon Leung addresses everything that has been accused of, including the rebuttal of all the claims made against him with real evidence of fake haters calling him names like scammer, liar, cheater, and many other childish and unprofessional insults.

Unfortunately, for legal reasons, Simon Leung‘s video cannot be released in its entirety to the public at this time – which may actually be a good thing as you can now clearly see the night and day comparison between how Simon Leung handles the situation professionally as compared to his attackers.

For those who are closely associated with this Simon Leung Defamation Case and are somehow involved, individuals who are directly or indirectly linked may apply to access this video created by Simon Leung for review and contribution purposes.

To submit your expression of interest to be considered to apply for private access to the Simon Leung Defamation Case Video, fill out the appropriate form at

Viewer discretion is advised.

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