January 2005

Safelists and Email Blasters

I’ve been sold again. This time, I’ve invested in a package that contains a few services that automatically “blasts” your email messages to supposedly millions of subscribers, so they are not considered as SPAM. After logging in to take a closer look and testing how this email blasting phenomenon works, I am now a little skeptical about how and if it’d work. From the look of things, this type of… Read More »Safelists and Email Blasters

Hmm…Free Advertising?

Well, I guess there are people who are doing pretty well in Internet Marketing – and with a $0 advertising budget? Sounds too good to be true – but apparently, Howard Moreland is doing it. He’s an Internet Marketing millionaire who has proof of his success on his website. On this page, he is selling a product that claims to have taken him 20 years to learn and is making… Read More »Hmm…Free Advertising?

OK, No More…

I’ve been at this Internet Marketing thing for months and months now, and I don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere at all! It’s been pretty frustrating as I’ve put a lot of time and money into this and I just feel like I’ve been scammed… I can’t even count the number of so-called money making “programs” I’ve joined in the past few months – MLMs, paid affiliate programs, pyramid schemes,… Read More »OK, No More…

No Customer Support!

I’m a little upset at Stone Evans. While he seemed like someone I could relate to in the beginning, I feel as though he doesn’t really care about his customers all that much at all. In the past couple of weeks since I signed up with his program, I have emailed him at least a few times. These messages contain questions about my account, questions about the affiliate programs, questions… Read More »No Customer Support!