Six Simple Landing Page Secrets Webinar With Mark Widawer

Today is Christmas Day, and in the spirit of the Holiday Season, I have arranged to make my Six Simple Landing Pages Secrets webinar with Mark Widawer available at no cost to you. Here is a sneak preview of what you can expect in the full version of the webinar…   If you don’t know Mark Widawer, he is a traffic conversion specialist and a Google AdWords Qualified Professional. Yes, that means that… Read More »Six Simple Landing Page Secrets Webinar With Mark Widawer

Free Vegas Trip Teleseminar

A little over a year ago, my life changed completely when I attended my very first live Internet Marketing seminar. I can honestly say that it was the single most important decision I have ever made for my business. These days, I continue to attend seminars every month, sometimes three to four times a month! It’s an incredible experience not only to speak on stage, but also to network and… Read More »Free Vegas Trip Teleseminar

i5 Gold Guest Expert Call with Tom Beal

Every second Wednesday of the month, Mike Filsaime and Tom Beal have guest expert calls as part of their i5 Gold Mentoring Program. While I have been an i5 Gold guest on multiple occasions in the past, but earlier today, I had the honor of being an “official” guest expert with prepared content for i5 Gold members. I had a great time talking about MySpace Optimization strategies with Tom Beal… Read More »i5 Gold Guest Expert Call with Tom Beal

Teleseminar Secrets Guest Expert

Hello from Tsuen Wan in my homeland of Hong Kong! Just moments ago, I had the honor of speaking with Alex Mandossian as a guest expert in his Teleseminar Secrets program. It truly was an honor, considering that his previous guests include Mark Victor Hansen (author of the Chicken of the Soup series), Robert Cialdini (author of the Influence series) and Tellman Knudson (List Building Expert)! It all happened live… Read More »Teleseminar Secrets Guest Expert

Total AdWords Landing Page Strategies

Earlier this afternoon, Paulie and I held our “Total AdWords Landing Page Strategies” teleseminar call. This was the “Total Bonus Package” element #1 that we promised our customers as investors of the AdWords Empire product through our affiliate link. During a 100+ minute conversation between Paulie and I, we provided some of the most strategic and compelling techniques in turning your AdWords visitors into customers. Furthermore, Paulie and I went… Read More »Total AdWords Landing Page Strategies

List Profit Academy’s Newest Faculty Members

Exactly 2 months ago, I met Brian Edmondson on the Marketing Cruise. Throughout the trip, we had the chance to get to know each other and talk about our own respective businesses. Brian’s then upcoming business model was very astounding… He would interview some of the top List Building Masters, as he refers to them, in the entire Internet Marketing industry. And they most certainly would be… From the ranks… Read More »List Profit Academy’s Newest Faculty Members

AdWords Empire Promotional Call

I had my very first experience on a live teleseminar call yesterday on the topic of AdWords Affiliate Marketing with my JV Partner and good friend, Paulie Sabol. During our call, which lasted a little over 75 minutes, Paulie and I discussed the various benefits of affiliate marketing, the best way to get your affiliate marketing business up and running, and more advanced tips on affiliate marketing strategies. To tie… Read More »AdWords Empire Promotional Call

I5 Gold Call with Paulie Sabol

Hello from the El Tropicana Hotel by the Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas! I’m just sitting here by the pool with my fellow Gold Club members, having a mini mastermind session and talking some shop, and preparing for my big speaking debut later on this weekend at the MasterListBuilder FUN Shop. But I’m not here to talk about that right now… Earlier tonight, I had the tremendous honor of being… Read More »I5 Gold Call with Paulie Sabol

My First Internet Marketing Teleseminar Call

Earlier this afternoon, I had the opportunity to present LIVE for the very first time on a teleseminar call! It was a presentation on Google AdWords where I gave my Gold Club Team members a brief overview of Google and the AdWords product. I then proceeded to walk the team through the sign up process step-by-step and laid out the exact account set-up procedure to make an AdWords ad go… Read More »My First Internet Marketing Teleseminar Call