i5 Gold Guest Expert Call with Tom Beal

Every second Wednesday of the month, Mike Filsaime and Tom Beal have guest expert calls as part of their i5 Gold Mentoring Program.

While I have been an i5 Gold guest on multiple occasions in the past, but earlier today, I had the honor of being an “official” guest expert with prepared content for i5 Gold members.

I had a great time talking about MySpace Optimization strategies with Tom Beal for over 90 minutes earlier this afternoon.

More specifically, we addressed the “white hat” optimization techniques designed to overcome the latest controversy to hit Internet Marketing…

People are calling this latest controversy the “MySpace Slap.”

Recently, MySpace has put its foot down on the SPAM situation that has evidently grown out of control.

The social networking website has now put a ban on automation software and services that automatically add friends, send messages and post comments.

Anyone who uses such software would be penalized by MySpace! Not cool…

We ended the presentation in an open Q&A session, in which Tom and I answered any questions the i5 Gold members had about the call.

From the sound of things, I really think that the i5 Gold members definitely got a lot out of the presentation.

We received a lot of praises during the call, in our private chatroom as well as via email and over instant messaging.

I’m pretty satisfied with my i5 Gold Guest Expert debut!

Now, if you are an i5 Gold member and didn’t get the chance to listen to the call, or if you were on the call and would like to listen to it again, you can download it, along with the 65 slides of the presentation, by logging into your member’s area.

As Tom kindly noted at the beginning of the call, please note that the information is for your own use only.

And if you are not an i5 Gold member, but would still like to learn about some of the strategies that not only increased the search engine rankings of all my main sites, but also optimized my MySpace profile to come up on the first page of search results on Google with over a million other websites, please click on one of the two links below.