February 2005

IMC Mentor Assignment

I received an email today from Scott Fullerton of the Internet Market Center Advanced Mentoring Program saying that he has been assigned as my mentor! He wanted to book an Audit call and go over the goals and expectations of the program. In any case, that is it. Just wanted to give you an update! 0

Free Advertising Giveaway!

Michael Rasmussen and Mike Filsaime, 2 very well-known Internet Marketers, have joint ventured with 120 other fellow Marketers to provide their customers with over $7000 worth of absolutely FREE ADVERTISING! This is incredible – free guaranteed hits, free advertising credits, free start page credits, free banner impressions, and a whole lot more! After you sign up, there is also an optional one-time offer promotion as well, which is where the… Read More »Free Advertising Giveaway!

Stuff Your Inbox With Cash!

On an earlier post, I touched on the topic of credibility. We talked about how Corey Rudl is such a success in Internet Marketing, selling over $40 million dollars in products. However, what if you’re so new to this industry that you don’t even have a business idea yet, much less a product to call your own? Well, my friends, affiliate marketing is your answer! Yes, I’ve tried my hands… Read More »Stuff Your Inbox With Cash!

Internet Marketing Center Advanced Mentor Team

When I purchased the Ultimate Seminar Series from the Internet Marketing Center, it took me to an order confirmation page with a plug on their Advanced Mentoring program. It sounded intriguing – but no doubt that it was going to be expensive! Nonetheless, I was excited about the opportunity to learn from the best – proven and tested strategies produced by Corey Rudl himself! So, I filled out the application… Read More »Internet Marketing Center Advanced Mentor Team

The $7.6 Million Dollar Man

You read that right. $7.6 Million – PER YEAR! This is how much Corey Rudl, CEO and President of the Internet Marketing Center, is making for his company. In the past several years, he has made OVER $40 MILLION! Read more about Corey here: http://www.marketingtips.com/whoiscorey This guy is the GURU OF ALL GURUS! As you know, I’ve been doing some intense Internet Marketing research online during the past few months.… Read More »The $7.6 Million Dollar Man