June 2005

AdWordsOptimization.com is LIVE!

After months of intense work with Scott that included brainstorming, keyword research, niche research, problem statements, product idea developments, special offers, and tons and tons of work writing and re-writing and re-writing again and again of the salescopy, I’ve finally put the icing on my first cake by UPLOADING all my work into my newly registered domain name, www.AdWordsOptimization.com! Yes, it’s an AWESOME domain name – I was surprised that… Read More »AdWordsOptimization.com is LIVE!

RIP Corey Rudl: 1970 – 2005

Say it ain’t so… I just heard about the devastating news about a racing accident in San Jose that took Corey Rudl’s life yesterday. Corey was killed instantly when the porsche he was riding in crashed into a barrier at over 100MPH. In the little time that I have known of Corey, he has inspired me a great deal and quickly earned my trust as an Internet Marketing pioneer. I… Read More »RIP Corey Rudl: 1970 – 2005

Call #6: Additional Webpages

I’ve been consistently communicating with Scott during the past couple of weeks in regards to the salescopy. He has given me a lot of good advice on outline, content and formatting. I’m pretty happy with what I’ve put together. In today’s session, Scott proceeded to talk about additional things to add in my salescopy, as well as other necessary pages of a website. As far as the salescopy is concerned,… Read More »Call #6: Additional Webpages