is LIVE!

After months of intense work with Scott that included brainstorming, keyword research, niche research, problem statements, product idea developments, special offers, and tons and tons of work writing and re-writing and re-writing again and again of the salescopy, I’ve finally put the icing on my first cake by UPLOADING all my work into my newly registered domain name,!

Yes, it’s an AWESOME domain name – I was surprised that it’s even available! I have actually spent several weeks now brainstorming and checking if certain domain names are available. There were so many that I wanted, but were already taken. I can’t believe that I hadn’t even though about until now, as it should’ve been my first choice!

As soon as I saw that it was available, I registered it right away. This domain would be the perfect URL for the type of optimization services I would be able to provide if I were an agency. It’s almost a waste that I’m using it to promote someone else’s product!

Well, I guess I can use it for now to promote an affiliate program, but who knows what the future is going to hold for me. I can use it to promote my very own SEM agency after I leave Google. One thing’s for sure – I’m never letting go of this domain name!