May 2007

The Jackal’s Work at Home Manifesto

Not sure if you’ve seen this video yet…It’s a confidential clip of an exclusive interview with an industry insider only known as “The Jackal.”   This information is extremely classified…so top secret that the Jackal has disguised his identity to protect himself. Click on the Work at Home Manifesto image below it out now…     Just take 3 minutes and see what the Jackal has to say… But don’t tell anyone… Read More »The Jackal’s Work at Home Manifesto

Jeff Wellman’s Layoff Your Boss

When I decided to “layoff” my boss nine months ago, it was one of the biggest decisions of my life. After all, it was time for me, and when I told my manager that I was leaving, and I haven’t looked back since. To this day, many people still think I was crazy for laying off my boss. Alas, these people really don’t know me, what I’ve done with my… Read More »Jeff Wellman’s Layoff Your Boss

Chris Carpenter’s Google Cash Detective

“Is the Internet Lifestyle just a myth?” My fellow Google colleague asked me over 3 years ago as she dropped a hard copy of ‘Google Cash’ on my desk. As members of the AdWords Team, we were legitimately concerned about the non-legit AdWords products out on the market. AdWords was just getting popular at the time, and many people were trying to capitalize on it. But the market quickly became… Read More »Chris Carpenter’s Google Cash Detective

Free Vegas Trip Teleseminar

A little over a year ago, my life changed completely when I attended my very first live Internet Marketing seminar. I can honestly say that it was the single most important decision I have ever made for my business. These days, I continue to attend seminars every month, sometimes three to four times a month! It’s an incredible experience not only to speak on stage, but also to network and… Read More »Free Vegas Trip Teleseminar

Simon Leung’s Apprentice Program Opportunity

How Would You Like to Be My Apprentice, Work on Real Marketing Projects, Connect with the Top Industry Experts in My Network, All While Learning Everything You Need to Know to Become a Successful Internet Marketer? Let Me Make You the Next Internet Marketing Superstar! Click Here to Join My Team Today!

Joel Comm’s The Next Internet Millionaire

How would you like to become the next Internet millionaire? No really, I’m serious… You see, I met up with my good friend, Joel Comm, at the Big Seminar in Atlanta last weekend, and he is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity… After he told me what it was, I absolutely couldn’t WAIT to share it with you, but Joel made me keep my mouth shut! …Until NOW! Here’s the deal … Starting… Read More »Joel Comm’s The Next Internet Millionaire

Harris Fellman’s Moving Sale Madness

Hello from Gate A29 at the Denver International Airport in Denver, Colorado! I don’t usually blog during my connection time at airports, but I have just learned that my flight has been delayed for two hours, so I am trying to kill some time. It’s a little ironic that I am here in Denver, and my good friend, Harris Fellman, who is moving to Denver, is still in Atlanta right… Read More »Harris Fellman’s Moving Sale Madness

Ken McArthur’s Get Your Product Done Workshop

Hello from Room 414 of the Crowne Plaza Atlanta-Airport at Ken McArthur’s Get Your Product Done Workshop in Atlanta, Georgia! Ken McArthur’s Get Your Product Done Workshop Simon Leung and Ken McArthur This has been yet another spectacular event organized by Ken McArthur. Attendees of the Get Your Product Done Workshop arrived on Friday morning with nothing, and left Sunday afternoon with their own physical product in hand! It was… Read More »Ken McArthur’s Get Your Product Done Workshop

Apprentice Program Launch

Happy Cinco De Mayo! If you’ve been a reader of my blog for a year or longer, you may recall that last year’s Cinco De Mayo was the day that changed my life forever… That’s right, exactly one year ago, I attended my first Internet Marketing seminar in San Antonio, Texas, where I met Mike Filsaime, Tom Beal, Gary Ambrose, Terry Dean, Glen Hopkins, Jeff and Lori, Joel Christopher and… Read More »Apprentice Program Launch

StomperNet Launch and $1.00 Trial

I’m still in Atlanta and have been spending some time interacting with members of the StomperNet team this week. I first ran into Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins this past weekend at Armand Morin’s Big Seminar, which took place right here in Atlanta. And I just received an email from them that *finally* gave me permission to share with you some exciting news about StomperNet that I had been dying… Read More »StomperNet Launch and $1.00 Trial