Call #6: Additional Webpages

I’ve been consistently communicating with Scott during the past couple of weeks in regards to the salescopy. He has given me a lot of good advice on outline, content and formatting. I’m pretty happy with what I’ve put together.

In today’s session, Scott proceeded to talk about additional things to add in my salescopy, as well as other necessary pages of a website.

As far as the salescopy is concerned, I need to include a stronger benefit, answering the question “What’s in it for me?” I also need to create a sense of urgency for the user to take action right away.

Some additional pages include FAQ, Contact Us, About Us, Privacy Statement, Terms of Service, Links, Resources and Testimonials, if any. We also talked about using website templates and some logos and graphics to make the site look more professional.

Finally, I need to register a domain name and hosting. All this should keep me pretty busy for the next couple of weeks!