Howie Schwartz’s Sustainable Traffic Workshop in Westport, Connecticut

Hello from Howie Schwart’s Sustainable Traffic Workshop in his Westport, Connecticut home, located about 60 minutes away from the JFK airport in New York.

howie schwartz

Simon Leung and Howie Schwartz at his Westport, Connecticut home

Literally at the very last minute, I decided to come to Westport and crash Howie Schwartz’s Sustainable Traffic Workshop because I really wanted to learn how he does some of the cool things that he does.

The first night I got here, I met up with Mark Widawer at the airport, and together, we drove from JFK to the Westport Inn and met up with Rod Beckwidth.

We then proceeded to a nearby local diner called Athena, where I had matzoh ball soup for the first time. And hey, it’s pretty good! :)

The next morning, we headed over to Howie Schwartz’s house.

Howie Schwartz specializes in using Web 2.0 technology to dominate the search engines and literally take up the first page, and in some cases, even the first multiple pages of the search results for competitive keywords.

This is amazing for not only being the most dominant website online, but it can also wipe off your competition completely, and possibly even driving your competition out of business.

After spending a couple days with Howie Schwartz, I can tell why he is so fierce in his various niches – he takes no prisoners, he plays to win and he is revealing his complete system step-by-step this weekend!

Another thing I learned from Howie Schwartz at the Sustainable Traffic Workshop this weekend in addition to the great content is that for an event like this, having guest speakers is very important.

You see, I am having my own AdWords Workshop next weekend in San Jose, CA, and I am planning to speak all three days by myself.

Well, Howie Schwartz’s Sustainable Traffic Workshop is two days – and it took such a toll on him that he asked for guest speakers in the audience to take over for him while he took some personal breaks.

And being the nice guy that I am, I decided to volunteer my time to help out with a live demonstration of Google AdWords, and gave a brief training to the audience.

simon leung

Simon Leung Giving a Live AdWords Demonstration at the Sustainable Traffic Workshop

It wasn’t a prepared presentation or anything, obviously, just something that people can see and learn from and hopefully take away.

Keeping this very important lesson in mind, I am definitely going to ask some VIP guests and experts on my team to help me out next week, because I certainly don’t want to lose my voice or exhaust myself too much by the end of the three days :)