Do Dreams Come True?

magic kingdom

Fireworks At The Magic Kingdom

Funny question to ask, I know…

But after spending a magical week at Walt Disney World, and I’m still very much experiencing the dream from my magical vacation.

It’s silly, I know, and I feel like a kid all over again, but there’s a reason for all this.

During our vacation at Disney World, we experienced the magic of dreams and wishes, and yes, in the spirit of the Disney, I decided to wish upon a star…

Even though I was on vacation, I knew that if it wasn’t for of my business, none of this would have been possible.

That’s right, no Disney World, no Mickey Mouse, no Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, MGM, Epcot … Nothing.

For this reason, I thought about what else I would like to achieve both on a personal and professional level.

I’ve been full-time in my Internet Marketing business for close to a year now, and it’s been a very exciting ride.

During this time, I’ve written books, created information products, traveled the country to speak at live seminars, all the while consulting and coaching clients and helping them succeed in their businesses as well.

Yes – I’d say I have achieved quite a bit in the past year, and I’m happy with my accomplishments.

However, I wanted more…

The great thing about running a successful Internet Marketing business is the opportunity to associate with other experts in the field.

And when I hang out with guys like Mike Filsaime, Joel Comm, Jeff Walker, Ewen Chia, Sterling Valentine, Michael Cheney, Keith Wellman and Jason James, it’s fun and all because they’re all great guys…

However, I’ve always known that they have achieved an element of success that I have yet to achieve myself, and it’s always been a dream of mine to make it happen – the coveted 6 figure launch!

So after spending the last several months making my mark in the Internet Marketing arena, I decided that it was time that I officially release a product of my own – launch style.

And so I did…

On Monday, June 11th, I launched AdWords List Building as I boarded my flight from Philadelphia back to San Jose.

Yes, launching a product on a day that I can’t devote an entire day to, much less on a travel day, is practically unheard of, but I did it anyway.

I then spent a total of about 3 days working on the launch before boarding another flight on Friday morning to Orlando.

For the next 7 days, I was at Disney World, enjoying my week long vacation with my girlfriend.

And as I my flight touched down onto the Las Vegas Airport runway the following Friday, I got word from my team that AdWords List Building had officially become a 6 figure launch!

That’s right, we had made over $100,000 in sales in less than 12 short days, 6 of the days I was on vacation, 3 of the days I was traveling!

How sweet is that?

So, to answer the question of this blog post, the answer is “Yes.”

Dreams DO come true … and I’m living it. :)