Disney World Vacation

Hello from Room 1030 at the Hilton Hotel near Downtown Disney in Orlando, Florida!

I’ve spent the past 7 days enjoying Disney World with my girlfriend, and it has definitely been a “magical” experience…

During the past several days, we visited the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, MGM, Animal Kingdom and the Typhoon Lagoon Water Park.

I feel like a kid again! Haha…

What made my Disney World vacation even more exciting is that I’m actually in the middle of a launch!

So needless to say, I made the most out of my time when waiting in line to make sure that my MDA is working for me :)

I will tell you my launch results from the past couple of weeks in a few days when I get home, but let me tell you, we’re doing good…

In fact, I had dinner with Joel Comm earlier tonight near the Wyndham Hotel by International Drive where he is staying and speaking at Harv Ecker’s “Never Work Again” seminar, and Joel has agreed to promoting my product to his customers!

This puts Joel in good company with many other Internet Marketing experts who already promoted or have committed to promoting in the upcoming days, including Jim Edwards, Marlon Sanders, Harris Fellman, Mark Hendricks, Willie Crawford, David Garfinkel, Michael Morgan, Sterling Valentine, Brian Edmondson, Jason James, Paulie Sabol, and several more.

Yes, it has been a fun and profitable vacation at Disney World.

Next stop is Las Vegas … We’re flying there directly from Orlando.

Talk to you there :)