Article Automator

OK, so the other day, I was working on the Articles section of my website, and it was a LENGTHY process. I mean, I had to find the article directory, locate a relevant article, copy and paste it onto my page, format it and update my article site map – for every single article!

Now, my goal is to fill up my pages with as many relevant articles as possible. And seeing that I have categories in Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing, Google AdWords, Google AdSense and Blogging, this can equate to 1000s of articles, or even more. It took me almost the entire DAY to do about 20 or articles. There’s GOT to be an easier way…

So I did a little bit of research, and I found the solution! Introducing the Article Automator

This awesome software practically does the whole thing FOR you! It’s a tool where you can search on a keyword term for as many articles as you want, and it’ll automatically spit out results for you, from multiple search directories!

In addition, it provides you with article and site map templates so that all you need to do is click on a button, and in a fraction of a second have 100s or 1000s of pages outputted and formatted just the way you want them to – along with a full site map with all the articles on one page! AND – it’ll generate a snippet page for you as well so you can “tease” your readers with just a portion of your article, with a link that will send them to the full article!

This product will expedite your quest to get your site not only indexed but soar to on the top of the search engines. Why spend a whole day putting together 20 articles like I did when you can have 1000s completed in seconds?!

Check out the Article Automator today!