Total AdWords Landing Page Strategies

Posted by Simon Leung in Gurus, Teleseminar, Updates on September 23rd, 2006 | No Comments

Earlier this afternoon, Paulie and I held our “Total AdWords Landing Page Strategies” teleseminar call.

This was the “Total Bonus Package” element #1 that we promised our customers as investors of the AdWords Empire product through our affiliate link.

During a 100+ minute conversation between Paulie and I, we provided some of the most strategic and compelling techniques in turning your AdWords visitors into customers. Furthermore, Paulie and I went into a more in-depth discussion about public landing page strategies that you can implement today to boost the quality score of your websites.

What’s great is that previous to the call, we had asked our listeners to send us their most burning questions about landing pages. We then answered these questions live for them right over the phone. In addition, we also took additional questions from the listeners during the call, and we didn’t stop until every last question has been answered!

The customers who were lucky enough to qualify and listen to what Paulie and I had to share also now own the worldwide resale rights license to this call! This means that they have complete rights to sell and profit from this product and keep 100% of all sales made!

Overall, it was an incredible teleseminar that provided incredible value to listeners of the live call, as well as listeners of the audio product. I feel like it has been one of my most successful calls to date!

I’m very excited about the finished product and very much look forward to it being shared to people who will benefit from this tremendously powerful information.

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