The $7.6 Million Dollar Man

You read that right. $7.6 Million – PER YEAR!

This is how much Corey Rudl, CEO and President of the Internet Marketing Center, is making for his company. In the past several years, he has made OVER $40 MILLION! Read more about Corey here:

This guy is the GURU OF ALL GURUS!

As you know, I’ve been doing some intense Internet Marketing research online during the past few months. There’s been several products and services that have caught my eye, and they seem very promising. While I haven’t completely given up on them (it’s more like I don’t want to, because I paid for them!), I recently discovered the one thing in common that’s missing from every one of them – credibility!

Why, oh why, did I invest in these products when I had no proof that they were going to even work? I bet I got the old beginner Internet Marketer’s syndrome. It’s no wonder why it’s so hard to make your online business a success! If you’re reading this blog now and you’re a beginning Internet Marketer, you’re in luck because you will learn to not make the same mistakes that I make!

Well, check this one out because Corey’s as credible as it gets. In this Ultimate Seminar Series, Corey reveals his exact strategies LIVE on stage! I ordered this product several days ago, and since it arrived at my door, I’ve learned so much from this DVD set that my head is still spinning as I’m typing these words. This guy’s got me pumped! He discussed in detail so many different strategies, I don’t even know where to start!

The great thing about this is that he takes breaks from the clips of his very best live material and brings you into his home to talk more in depth about certain points. He explains everything so clearly that he leaves almost no room for failure!

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