SES Optimization Sessions

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Hello from the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto!

It has been an exhausting, but very productive tradeshow thus far. During the past 2 days, I’ve been speaking non-stop to AdWords advertisers to discuss recommendations to improve the performances and conversions of their campaigns.

Advertisers of all ranges of skill level have signed up for these 1-on-1 sessions, from total newbies to marketing experts of 30+ years. For the most part, I’m confident that everyone walked away with something constructive. Everyone was definitely satisfied with these sessions. Many said that they signed up for the conference not so much for the seminars, but for the chance to speak live with an AdWords Optimization Specialist. A couple went as far as to say that the session (and one said that one TIP) was worth the price of the entire convention alone!

It is also very cool to speak with other agencies. Some agencies actually signed up for these sessions themselves! They specialize in AdWords account management, so what better way to get good information than to come straight to the source, right?

The Google Yo-Yo giveaways are a big hit. Other booth members as well as the staff of the convention center are playing with it right in front of me as I am typing this! We also have Google cell-phone boosters, which reduce radiation and improve reception. These are very popular as well.

Oh, and the party last night was pretty fun. Very low key, and mostly networking took place. I met a few Googlers from our small Toronto office. There is a ton of opportunity for growth!

In terms of the information, it seems like the biggest news are all the new products and features that Google is releasing. This means that as far as SES is concerned, there’s nothing really new to learn. As a matter of fact, people were coming to me with SEO questions, and I was surprised that I actually know the answers to them, seeing that my background is in AdWords!

Oh, here’s something interesting. Internet Explorer 7 doesn’t allow access to Google, and you can’t sign up for MSN ads with Firefox browser. Yep. It gives you an error. The claws are coming out.

Overall, it’s been a fantastic show and an amazing experience. The weather is a bit more chilly than I had hoped and anticipated, but according to the locals, it’s supposed to be warm! Jeez. Toronto’s a cool town, but I sure miss that California sun!

Well, my next appointment has arrived. We’ll have to wrap this up now and I’ll see you when I get home.

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