Safelists and Email Blasters

I’ve been sold again. This time, I’ve invested in a package that contains a few services that automatically “blasts” your email messages to supposedly millions of subscribers, so they are not considered as SPAM.

After logging in to take a closer look and testing how this email blasting phenomenon works, I am now a little skeptical about how and if it’d work. From the look of things, this type of marketing technique has been around for years now. I can see how it may have worked even 1 or 2 years ago, but technology today is a bit more advanced now.

Also, I think people today are a bit smarter about blasters like these. I mean, when I signed up, there’s even a field for me to submit a separate email address to receive all the promotions. I was able to figure out that this is my chance to prevent my inbox from filling up with SPAM, so I signed up for another email account with the purpose of sending all my junk mail there. What’s to say that others aren’t doing the same thing?

Well, even if this promotional service doesn’t turn out to be all that effective, included with my purchase is also a collection of ebooks and software that I can resell for 100% profit! I am thinking about bundling up what I can into my own package. I’ll have to take a closer look at the products and test their value before moving forward with this idea, but it sounds promising.

OK, well I’m going to give this service a try. After all, I did pay for it. Now, I can see where all these Internet Marketers come from when they say that they’ve invested a lot of money, in some cases in the $1000s, in their business and not seeing much results. I don’t think I’m far behind…