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Posted by Simon Leung in Uncategorized on December 25th, 2004 | No Comments

I ran across a website today from a guy who seems to have once been in the situation that I am now. His name is Stone Evans and he was struggling to make ends meet for a very long time in the Internet Marketing business. Like me, he is holding a daytime job, and spending most of his off-time dedicated to his online business.

Stone has a very unique proposition. He’s willing to build you a website, complete with content and information, and even links to affiliate programs that are free to join – at $0 cost! The catch is – register for a webhosting service under his affiliate link. Now, webhosting is something that I’m going to need anyway, so I figured maybe it’s not such a bad deal. However, the hosting service costs $25/month!

I took a look at what it includes, and it does have a lot of business related features. And also, once I get good at promoting, I can also earn $10 per referral under this service’s affiliate program!

So I signed up. =
I didn’t want to register another domain name yet, so I decided to use my current one – I just gave Stone all my webhosting account information and he’s supposed to take care of the rest.

Wish me luck!

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