Not Quite the Right Time

There’s a time, place and plan for everything. This one isn’t quite it.

No more than several days after our alliance has formed does Google HR decide to adjust our internal account policy.

As of late, topics such as employees having their own AdWords and AdSense accounts for profit have been pretty sensitive. Even signing up with competitors could be a potential issue. I guess things are bound to change since we’re moving forward with the IPO.

As such, my colleagues and I thought about it and decided that we don’t want to violate any policies. Afterall, we’re currently less than 50% vested!

So now, 2 of the original teammates are actually out. This just leaves me and my Google buddy, and the 2 of us have been on a mission.

We’ve already signed up for Commission Junction and Linkshare, and we are dedicated to getting the ball rolling. Our only obstacle has been our affiliation with Google. But who’s to say that AdWords is the only way to go?

Now if only we can figure out a way to succeed in this industry without depending on Pay-Per-Click advertising. Hey, I’m new to the world of Internet Marketing, so you’re going to have to bear with me!


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