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My desk has been cleaned off. My projects have been passed on. My calendar has been cleared out. My equipment have been returned. My badge has been de-activated. My access have been removed.

That’s right, for the first time in over 4 years, I’m no longer a Googler. And it feels weird…

And speaking of weird, it really has been an off day, and it is much more than just the feeling of going into the office for the last time.

There was something off in the vibe I was getting from many people on my team. At first, I couldn’t put my finger on it. But later on, I did discover a very plausible reason…

When news finally broke out about my last day at the office and my new professional endeavors, people started talking. Throughout the day, the news as well as my website links have been spreading internally and virally like wildfire.

I think my former colleagues felt weird approaching me about it because they didn’t know how to react to it. Perhaps they were nervous, or uncomfortable, or maybe they just wanted to stay out of it. Nonetheless, my day was slightly impacted.

Well, just in case anyone is concerned or simply curious as to whether or not I had permission to study the industry, I will refer you to a blog entry I wrote a year and a half ago when I received approval from the director of my department to proceed into Internet Marketing:

On a brighter note, the congratulations and well wishes continue to pour in from Internet Marketers.

My mastermind buddies, Johnnie Siu and Gajapati Subudhi, were kind enough to take me out to dinner to celebrate. Several other of my fellow Gold Club team members also wished me well over the phone.

And – I even received a couple emails from Joel Comm and Mark Hendricks!

It’s great to have the support of these successful Internet Marketers. I guess they are my new colleagues now…

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