My Weekend in San Antonio

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This past weekend at the MasterListBuilder FUN Shop in San Antonio was an eye-opening experience for me. The opportunity to meet and speak with today’s most successful Internet Marketers completely blew my mind.

I mean, these are the guys that I’ve seen all across the Internet! I subscribe to their lists and receive more emails from them than I do from my own family and friends!

It was one thing simply talking to these amazing marketers, but it’s another to hear from them how much potential I have, and yet another for several of them to actually want to work with me!

Two notes on that…

Firstly, I’m currently working at a job in which, at times, I can’t help but feel like I’m under-utilized and under-valued. There are many qualifications and accomplishments that divide me from just anyone working in AdWords, but we’re not going to go into all that right now. Bottom line – I’ve finally found a group of friends and business partners whom I feel can appreciate more what I can contribute.

Secondly, the Internet Marketers I met, I’ve looked up to for years. These guys receive up to 100s of JV proposals on a daily basis. And here they are, proposing to work with ME. How incredible is that?!

One of the most amazing experiences of the entire weekend occurred on the very last night of the FUN Shop. We had just wrapped up a late night session, and a group of us were simply chatting in the lobby of the hotel. After everyone else had left, Joel Christopher and I had the opportunity to speak 1-on-1.

It was incredible! Joel gave me a whole new perspective on life, both personally and professionally. He gave me all kinds of advice about choices in life and how everything happens for a reason. I gave it some thought and everything instantly fell into place.

Soon after, who comes down the elevator for some fresh air but Mike Filsaime from himself! He was one of the speakers at the event and very well-known and respected among the Internet Marketing community. Throughout the weekend, I had spoken to him briefly here and there, but was often intimidated to continue speaking with him for a longer period of time because I didn’t want to interrupt him while he was working, prepping or taking a break.

To say the least, Mike was so down to earth and a hell of a guy. He had quite the inspirational stories to share and spoke to many more things that confirmed that everything indeed does happen for a reason, and the 3 of us were there at that exact time to deliver me a very important message about my future. It was very eerie, to say the least, but the uncanny coincidences leave me no other choice but to believe.

It was an astonishing experience, and we just stood there, in the lobby, chatting it up until 4am. What an HONOR! It’s definitely something I will never forget nor take for granted. I have a plan now, and I plan to deliver.

Joel Christopher,

Terry Dean,

Jason Oman,

The Expert Panel: Joel Christopher, Terry Dean, Socrates Socratous, Jason Oman, Glen Hopkins, Reed Floren, Mike Filsaime, Chuck Daniel, Tom Beal, Gary Ambrose

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