My TIMME at The Internet Marketing Main Event II

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Hello from The Internet Marketing Main Event II (TIMME II) at the BWI Marriot in Baltimore, Maryland!

(TIMME II organizers Paulie Sabol, Donna Fox and Mike Filsaime)

It’s 4:10AM and I just came back into room 713 after an eventful night of brainstorming, interviewing and chatting with other Internet Marketers who also attended the event.

Believe it or not, this is the earliest I have called it a night all weekend!

I went to bed on the first night around 4:30AM and got up at 6:30AM, 5:00AM the second night and got up at 6:30AM, and on the third night, we were out and about until past 6 in the morning!

But of course, it was worth every minute to get to know current and upcoming Internet Marketing superstars, and the friendships we are building that will be with us for the rest of our lives.

I’ll be honest…

When I made the decision to come to Baltimore for TIMME II, I had pretty high expectations. I really did…

You see, I’ve been to quite a few Internet Marketing seminars in the past few months (but first since leaving my previous company), and they have all been great! So I know the kind of quality to expect, as well as the kind of experience to partake in.

EVERY single element…from the organization process, hotel and food quality, to the calibur of the speakers, their information and the attendees…FAR exceeded every expecation that I had!

I mean, we’re talking GREAT stuff from the likes of Rich Shefren, Dave Lakhani, Adam Gingsberg, Jeff Walker, Deb & JP Micek, John Childers, Mike Filsaime, Paulie Sabol, Bob Circosta, Matt Bacak, Gary Ambrose, Brad Fallon, Joel Comm, Stephen Pierce and Frank Rambauskas, Jr.!

How about THAT for a speaker line-up!

And the connections I made this time around, it can all be summed up in one word – WOW!

I made friends with experts that I’ve been looking up to for months (even years), old friends I had met previously, promoters for my upcoming launch, joint venture partners for future projects and, what I think is super cool – get this, people who are subscribed to my list!

Is that cool or what?

In fact, as we were promoting the teleseminar call I will be having at the end of the month with Jeff and Lori, the Dynamic Duo of Content Creation, my team of awesome promoters (Jeff Wark, Lori Steffen, Dr. Ron Capps and Johnnie Siu) agreed that around 80% to 85% of the attendees had either heard of my name or already know who I am!

Man, that is crazy, and I’m still trying to get over it! Haha…

From the looks of things, it looks like I already have some fans, not to mention a ton of people who are amazingly supportive of my product launch.

There’s already a lot of buzz going on about my entrance into the Internet Marketing arena, upcoming launch and next speaking engagement in just a couple of weeks at jvAlert Live in San Diego, CA.

I’m telling you – there has never been a more exciting time to be me than right now.

I have been extremely sleep deprived for the past few days, and yet I still cannot close my eyes right now as I run on complete adrenalin!

TIMME II is hands down the biggest and most impactful Internet Marketing seminar I have attended to date!

And you can mark my words on that, too…

It’s going to be a tremendous challenge to top this event. I’m serious!

One last thing before I go…

At the beginning of the event, Paulie asked the attendees to write:

“I will attend The Internet Marketing Main Event next year.”

As a defiant little rebel, I didn’t write that. Rather, I wrote:

“I will attend The Internet Marketing Main Event next year as a speaker.”

Big dreams? Perhaps.

Achievable? Definitely!

I can’t wait for The Internet Marketing Main Event III next year.

Hope to see you there next TIMME!

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