Mentoring Program – Final Thoughts

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Over the past several months, Scott and I went over a lot of information. As I had presumed before my first session, I’m going to need to take all these resources and learn them again at my own pace. The class went by a little too fast for me, and I felt like we were always behind in terms of where I should be. However, at the end, it seemed like it just concluded rather abruptly, with no real closure.

It was definitely a good learning experience, no doubt about that. But for the steep tuition fee that I paid for this course, I think I had expected better results and more hand-holding, as well as more pro-active efforts from my mentor to ensure my success. I feel like Scott just kind of left a lot of things up to me because he wanted me to learn on my own. However, when I didn’t, he never did jump in to give me the answers.

I guess that’s business for you. In his follow-up email after our call, Scott pitched an Alumni Mentoring Program, which is obviously a program only for Advanced Mentoring Program graduates. I’ll need to sleep on that, at least for now. While I do appreciate the help that Scott has given me, and I have learned a lot, I might need to do a little bit of catching up before drowning myself even more…

In hindsight, I would say that this was a very positive experience overall. There are definitely a lot of things I learned with Scott that would probably have taken me much longer if I had to learn it on my own. There were little things that he taught me on a one-off basis that I have yet to see on any ebook or resource material, but holds quite true as I notice the same trend among other Internet Marketers.

As mentioned, I’m going to need some more time to get my act together. You’d think I would have learned by now, but I still continue to think big and end up getting myself involved in more projects than I can handle. Ambition is good, but it means nothing if it’s unmanageable. I’ll need to prioritize my workflow and figure out what to do next.

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