List Profit Academy’s Newest Faculty Members

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Exactly 2 months ago, I met Brian Edmondson on the Marketing Cruise.

Throughout the trip, we had the chance to get to know each other and talk about our own respective businesses.

Brian’s then upcoming business model was very astounding…

He would interview some of the top List Building Masters, as he refers to them, in the entire Internet Marketing industry.

And they most certainly would be…

From the ranks of Mike Filsaime, Tellman Knudson, Gary Ambrose, Harris Fellman, Keith Wellman, Craig Perrine, Lisa Preston, Mike Koenigs and Sterling Valentine, these are no doubt some of the most powerful, effective, successful and sought after experts.

It was a very cool experience for me to feel like I was part of a pre-launch stage of a big project, and this opportunity continued the following week when Brian was heavily promoting List Profit Academy at jvAlert Live in Philadelphia.

I was very impressed with the entire process, and at that point in time, I could have only wished that one day, ONE day, I could be part of something so spectacular…

In an unexpected and extremely honorable chain of events, my wish finally came true last evening, when I, along with Paulie Sabol, joined the ranks of the List Profit Academy Faculty!

Despite some technical difficulties relating to breaking up, muting out and, at one point, even getting disconnected from the call entirely, our 100+ minute discussion was a tremendous success!

The listeners attested at the end of the call that it was very valuable to them, and that they had gotten a lot out of the call.

It was very exciting!

I’m pretty sure that I will be doing many more similar teleseminars in the future.

And as for Brian’s List Profit Academy, be sure to check up on it at the link below, because I have a feeling that I will be back as a returning faculty member sooner than you’d think. ;)

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