Leaving PPC Behind for Now

Posted by Simon Leung in Uncategorized on October 20th, 2004 | No Comments

While I was in New York last week for a company tradeshow and client visits, I had the chance to think about a lot of things. Google is a great company, and there are definitely a lot of fans out there, and people who would want to be in the position that I am. And with all the controversy behind internal accounts, and the potential consequences of misusing of the product, it’s just not worth losing my job for.

So unless I have the complete blessing from my manager to move forward, I think I’m just going to put this project on hold for now. I mean, it makes sense. Being one of the most senior members of the AdWords Optimization Team as well as access to our internal tools just isn’t fair to other advertisers, and I’m not one to take advantage or abuse the system like that.

As I understand it, getting manager approval is also going to be a process. I’m not sure what they look at, but they’ll review your website and ask you a lot of questions regarding the product. I bet they would also restrict me from being able to use any of the tools that regular advertisers do not have access to. Well, that’d take the fun out of optimizing altogether!

Well anyway, now that I’m back, work has been more hectic than ever, as I’ve been needing to catch up on pending projects while I was away, as well as follow-up on tasks that are left unfinished from the trip.

And on top of just things at work, I know that I’m going to have to set aside some time to do some research on other angles of my Internet business. Now that PPC is out of my strategy, and AdWords is actually all I’ve ever known in this industry thus far, it’s going to be a struggle to figure out my next steps.

There have also been some recent developments in my personal life, which we will not get into here. But nonetheless, I hope that will not take time or focus away from the task at hand. This, right here, is what I need to concentrate on. As soon as things wind down a bit at the office, I’m diving back in…


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