jvAlert Live in Philadelphia

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Hello from jvAlert LIVE in the City of Brotherly Love!

I happened to be in the area for an unexpected last minute trip, and it was brought to my attention that there just so happens to be an Internet Marketing seminar going on this weekend. While I did have other obligations to fulfill, I figured that I would knock two birds out with one stone and take advantage of the event while in town.

As expected, this has been yet another incredible Internet Marketing seminar. As a matter of fact, I have made connections with more Internet Marketing gurus at this event than I have at any other! And I even made some new friends! =)

Acting up a fool with Joel Christopher, Brian Edmondson, Sterling Valentine, Jeff Wark and Antonio Thorton

Yes, there were over TWENTY top-notch Internet Marketers who spoke and attended JV Alert Live!

Check out the EXPERT PANEL…

Here are some of the speakers in action:

Sterling Valentine of http://JVFormula.com

Ken McArthur of http://jvAlertLive.com

Carl Galletti of http://CarlGalletti.com

Len Thurmond of http://LenThurmond.com

Phil Basten and Jane Mark

Frank Sousa of http://FrankSousa.com

Joel Comm of http://AdSense-Secrets.com

Holly Cotter of http://HollyCotter.com

Michael Port of http://MichaelPort.com

Willie Crawford of http://WillieCrawford.com

Mike Koenigs of http://MrBZ.com

Tom Beal of http://TomBeal.com

Cody Moya of http://CodyMoya.com

Where else can you stay up ALL NIGHT (there was one night I didn’t even go to bed!) not only to chat one-on-one, but also enjoy the company of Ken McArthur, Joel Christopher, Sterling Valentine, Cody Moya, Willie Crawford, Frank Sousa, Tom Beal and Brian Edmonson, just to name a few!

There was so much good information and so many good offers. These guys kept me on my toes the entire time! My fingers feel like they’re about to fall off from typing up all those notes!

This event really opened up the doors for me. I will be attending the next one for sure!

My DAWGS – Fellow members of the Gold Club! Got List? :D

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