Joel Christopher’s “The Master Apprentice”

Posted by Simon Leung in Gurus, Updates on April 28th, 2006 | No Comments

About 24 hours ago, I was on the phone with Joel Christopher, the Master List Builder himself!

Just minutes before, I had applied for his “Master Apprentice” program. I heard about it through one of his Teleseminars, which is available to his Birthday Blowout customers. On the phone, he told me that he usually simply sends a courtesy email to his applicants to thank them for their application, but after reviewing mine, he decided to call me right away – even though it was already midnight in his hometown of San Antonio, Texas!

Although my Birthday Blowout package has not arrived yet, I knew that I wanted to be a part of something much bigger than just an audio course; I wanted to work with Joel on a one-on-one basis.

With The Master Apprentice, I will have that opportunity!

You see, this is not just any old mentoring program. All of Joel’s apprentices will have the opportunity to work with the Master List Builder and eventually take over one of his businesses after Joel retires! With this much at stake, OF COURSE Joel will do everything in his power to help you succeed!

It’s an amazing program, and I was very excited when I received a phone call from Joel earlier this afternoon to inform me that I had been accepted into the “Apprenticeship Pre-Qualification” Gold Club program. This means that I will be able to work with Joel and his team for a trial period of 6 months, and if all goes well, I will become an official business partner!

As soon as I got off the phone with Joel, I began the fun tasks of booking flights and making hotel reservations for the Interactive MasterListBuilder Fun Shop, which takes place from May 4th through May 8th in San Antonio, Texas. I’ve never been to Texas before, so this will definitely be a great experience!

I’m so stoked about meeting Joel in person. Despite his tremendous success, he is the most down-to-earth guy you will ever meet. In my 90 minute conversation with him, Joel provided me with new insight in the business, as well as both personal and professional advice. He’s even reading my blog! =)

Joel is an amazing mentor. We hit it off right away, and I know we will become great partners and friends.

To say the least, the last 24 hours has been quite interesting. In my first post, I titled it “Today is the First Day of the Rest of My Life.” Well now, 2 years later, I think my day has finally come, because today is officially the day the blueprints to my Internet Marketing success is finally born.

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