Internet Marketing Road Trip

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I’m just taking a quick break from packing (I’m not much of a packer!) for my road trip down to Los Angeles this weekend to Donna Fox’s Wonder Women of the Web event.

It seems that I have been doing a lot of packing lately, and from the look of all the Internet Marketing seminars happening this time of year around the country, there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight!

After LA this weekend, I’m off to Orlando the next, New York the weekend after that, Las Vegas after that, and another one in San Francisco before I take a couple weeks to relax, only to leave again for Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore!

Yes, the life of an Internet Marketer is definitely active, with lots of traveling to fit into my schedule…

But you know what? Although the travel can be exhausting, it’s definitely worth it because the value I get from attending and speaking at these events are priceless!

I mean, how cool is it to go from seminar to seminar, meeting experts and asking them your most burning question about marketing?

In case you’re wondering, it’s very cool!

Now let me ask you this…

How much cooler would it be if I tell you that you now have the opportunity to hop from seminar to seminar and ask the experts your most burning question — without even leaving your house?

You read that right, because my good friend, Sterling Valentine, and his right hand man, Matt Frasch, are jumping into a ‘97 blazer with video camera in hand to embark on a 21 day Internet Marketing road tripjourney…

…and you have been invited to join them as their virtual passenger!

During the next few weeks, you will have the chance to submit your questions to Sterling as he attends the Exclusive Coaching Workshop, StomperNet, jvAlert Live and 2007 Figure Business seminars…

…where he will personally get the answers for you from experts like Rich Schefren, Brad Fallon, Andy Jenkins, Ken McArthur, Mike Filsaime, Tom Beal and literally dozens more!

In case you don’t know Sterling, he’s the guy who pulled off over $100,000 in sales within 92 days last year.

He’s been on the road to success and super stardom ever since, and now, he wants to take you with him in his journey!

With that said, are you up for the road trip challenge to take the fast track to online success within 21 days?

If so, sign up for your free action kit right now and let’s get on the road!

By the way, Sterling and Matt are taking off this Friday, February 9th…

So act fast before they leave you in the dust!

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