Internet Marketing Center Advanced Mentor Team

When I purchased the Ultimate Seminar Series from the Internet Marketing Center, it took me to an order confirmation page with a plug on their Advanced Mentoring program. It sounded intriguing – but no doubt that it was going to be expensive!

Nonetheless, I was excited about the opportunity to learn from the best – proven and tested strategies produced by Corey Rudl himself! So, I filled out the application form and submitted it…

This morning, I got a call back! I received the call pretty early from a nice woman named Margeaux. We spoke for a good 35 to 40 minutes or so regarding my goals and what I’d like to achieve with this program. It was a fun chat. She then expressed that she thought I would be great for the team, and decided to forward me along to the Senior Director for an interview later in the afternoon!

The call was a bit tough. The director asked me a lot of questions not only about ideas and goals, but also what qualifies me to join. I felt it was a bit weird – it sounded like I was interviewing for a job. I guess since space is limited, they’d need to screen for the candidates with the most potential. But still, I’m paying them over here…

Anyhow, I mean I’ve done it before – interviewing, that is. After interviewing all those rounds to land my current position at Google, everything else seems like a piece of cake!

That’s why I wasn’t too surprised when the director offered me the spot on the team at the end of the call, but I sure as heck was stoked!

It’s going to be a 6 month program consisting of 12 sessions with an IMC Certified Mentor, and we’re going to cover a LOT of stuff! I can imagine it being overwhelming, but I’m dedicated to learning all these strategies.

I think I might need to take the information I receive in the 6 months and learn them at my own pace, but at least I’d have the resources.

Well, now it’s just the waiting game. They’re sending me a form I need to fill out and also another questionnaire that will determine the best match for a mentor. I better get someone good!