Hotseat at The MasterListBuilder FUN Shop

Posted by Simon Leung in Seminars, Travel, Updates on August 25th, 2006 | No Comments

Earlier today, I had the opportunity to share with my team and the attendees of the MasterListBuilder FUN Shop during a hotseat session my Profit Pipeline that starts from a free report, to a few low-end products and ultimately to a high ticket coaching program.

The feedback I received from the group was awesome!

I got a TON of brand new ideas for launching my business into mega success in record time!

Throughout the hotseat session, I was grilled by the audience and was asked some very tough questions, many of which I wasn’t prepared to answer. They actually did me a favor because now, I’m able to create avenues in my process that I had never thought of before.

So you better watch out – you’ll be hearing a lot more about me in the upcoming weeks and months.

You’re looking at the very next Internet Marketing superstar! ;)

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