Harris Fellman’s Moving Sale Madness

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Hello from Gate A29 at the Denver International Airport in Denver, Colorado!

I don’t usually blog during my connection time at airports, but I have just learned that my flight has been delayed for two hours, so I am trying to kill some time.

It’s a little ironic that I am here in Denver, and my good friend, Harris Fellman, who is moving to Denver, is still in Atlanta right now.

In fact, we hung out at the hotel lobby with a few other people until about 3am this morning, and Harris was giving us all updates on his move.

If you haven’t already heard, to commemorate his move, Harris Fellman has decided to do a 5 day moving sale.

moving sale madness
Moving Sale Madness takes place from May 3rd through May 8th.Yes, I understand that this means that the Moving Sale Madness ends tomorrow, but I have been busy while in Atlanta and haven’t had the chance to send out an update about the Moving Sale Madness until now.

In any case, you do have through tomorrow to check out what Harris Fellman has in store for you in his Moving Sale Madness.

… Affiliate marketing products … List building products … Viral Marketing products … Copywriting products … and more …

Check out Harris Fellman’s Moving Sale Madness now – You won’t be disappointed…


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