Happy Birthday to Me

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Yes, it’s that time of the year again… I turn another year older!

Last year, I wrote a post called My Last Google Birthday that talked about how I celebrated my birthday with my Google friends.

Well, this year, I not only celebrate my first non-Google birthday in 5 years, I’m also celebrating my first year in business!

My friends and I are going to celebrate VIP style on a night out of town in San Francisco, and since I live about an hour south of the city, we’re going to stay in San Francisco at the Westin Hotel.

I’ve also made a lot of new friends during the last 12 months, many of whom are also in the Internet Marketing community, and a lot of them have been kind enough to send me birthday wishes over email, phone, text messaging, instant messaging, and what seems to be the latest and coolest way to communicate these days, MySpace.com.

A lot has happened in my first year in business, and I have progressed a lot more than I ever thought was possible, but you just wait and see what I have in store for this year – it’s going to blow everything you’ve seen so far out of the water! =)

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