Giving Up on EPI – Bad Upline

Posted by Simon Leung in Uncategorized on August 12th, 2005 | No Comments

Yes, I decided. I tried on multiple occasions to get in touch with my Emerald Passport director, Tony Lampert, but he just isn’t very responsive. He’s supposed to be my mentor, but he doesn’t even respond to my emails!

Back in late January, we had set up a time to chat. I even gave him my phone number. He never called, and I haven’t heard from him since, with the exception of the autoresponder messages he sends me from time to time, as well as his plugs for additional “opportunities.”

That was around the time I started with Scott on the Advanced Mentoring program, so needless to say, that kept me busy for a while. In fact, Scott got me to take a completely new focus on the type of business I would be conducting, and the EPI model just doesn’t fit into my criteria.

So, I walked away from this for some months while I learned the basic skills of the Internet Marketing sales process. However, I still think about this program every now and then along the way, simply because it was a big investment on my part and I really wanted to make it work.

A few times in January, April and as recently as a few days ago, I contacted Tony and asked for help. I had a lot of questions about the program, as well as a few other services that I had originally paid for by the year. Just as I suspected – NO RESPONSE!

This is very frustrating to me, the type of people I ended up working with. They are obviously very self-centered and only want to work with you if they feel like you are going somewhere, but they do not put in the effort to help you get started. Then, after you get the hang of things on your own, they snoop back in to cash in on your efforts.

As I expressed my frustration several months ago, I am more sick than ever of this upline and downline crap, especially when your upline does nothing to help you. I’d only want to work with dependable and responsible individuals, because I know that anyone I work with can depend on me. I go above and beyond for teamwork and customer satisfaction, and I’d be damned if my team doesn’t do the same.

From now on, I’m learning this business on my own, by finding credible resources that won’t blow me off. If I’m ever to become an upline myself in any type of program, I’m going to be the best mentor ever. And it’s not going to be any scammy “opportunities,” it’s going to be legit. If you see me promoting something to join, you can bet your bottom dollars that I know first-hand that it works, or at the very least, will cost you nothing to join.

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