Freedom Day – One Year Later

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Happy Freedom Day!

That’s right – August 5th is Freedom Day, a special celebration that I share with Mike Filsaime, who also left the automotive industry on this exact date in 2004 to become a full-time Internet Marketer.

Mike and I briefly exchanged Freedom Day wishes today via text message, but even though we are both extremely busy, it was definitely necessary to take a moment to acknowledge this special day.

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been one year since I retired from Google and started my own full-time business, but at the same time, it feels like I’ve been doing Internet Marketing my whole life.

A lot has happened since that fateful day one year ago when I made the biggest professional decision of my life, and even though it was a difficult choice to leave a company that I’ve grown to love, I knew that it was just something I had to do.

The last 12 months have been one hell of a ride, and I haven’t looked back since…

Everything happened so quickly – literally within the same week after leaving the corporate world, I was immediately on my way to travel the country, speaking at seminars, and taking on my own clients.

And while I have made the conscious decision to slow down my travels significantly in the past several weeks (there was a period when I traveled to a different city every weekend), I am happy that I am still able to work from my home.

While I do spend a lot of time working online, I also do a good amount of live and recorded teleseminar and webinar calls, having been interviewed recently by industry experts like Jim Edwards, Joel Comm, David Garfinkel, Ross Goldberg, Scott Paton and Jeff and Lori.

I have also been doing more private trainings, having recently trained Alex Mandossian and his team two weeks ago, Mike Filsaime and Tom Beal’s I5 Gold coaching students last week (and again this week), and also another one for Mark Victor Hansen’s students tomorrow, where I will be joined by Paulie Sabol and Donna Fox.

And so year one is officially a wrap, but by no means is this the end…

In fact, I have so much in store for year two that it feels like I haven’t even started.

I’m excited that you will be joining me as we continue to develop and explore the Internet Marketing world together.

There is so much opportunity that we have barely begun to scratch the surface, and I am stoked to share my discoveries with you.


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