Enlightened Wealth Institute Retreat

I’m posting from my suite at the Marriott in Anaheim where I’ve been spending the last few days attending Robert Allen’s EWI Retreat.

This is my second trip driving to Anaheim in less than a week. Last week, I came down with some friends. This time, it’s for a seminar.

To say the least, it has been exhausting, but HIGHLY productive. I networked like I’ve never networked before and learned a TON of million dollar ideas.

As a matter of fact, Joel Christopher, Johnnie Siu and Gaj Subudhi and I were so ambitious that at 2am, after a LONG and sleep-deprived day, we decided to hold a TOP SECRET masterminding session right in our suite!

During the hour and a half session, we discussed the most effective ways to network and maximize our learnings in seminars.

It began with casual conversations and turned into a masterpiece filled with million-dollar ideas of our own! The information that came out of our mouths were brilliant, if I can say so myself!

Want to hear the best part?


This was something that was originally meant to be for our own use because of the power of the content. However, after further discussion, we brought up the option of it potentially become a product! My very first product – with the MasterListBuilder himself – as Marshall Sylver would say, OH YEAH!

Granted, it’s late and we’re all delirious, so we ain’t thinkin’ straight. Also, we haven’t discussed everything we wanted to discuss, so the product is not complete just yet.

Tomorrow (well, today) is the last day of sessions. In the little time left, our agenda includes attending the sessions, more networking, completing the rest of our new product, not to mention packing and checking out of our suite.

Well, it’s 4am, and it’s going to be another long tomorrow day, so I’m going to get some sleep. OH YEAH!

Group Picture

Joel Christopher, MasterListBuilder

Dr. Richard

Dr. Art Martin

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