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Posted by Simon Leung in Uncategorized on December 29th, 2004 | No Comments

Alright – I joined another program, and this one required a lot of financial commitment upfront!

I suppose it’s not only an investment in the business; I actually purchased a self-help course that teaches you a lot of the skills you will need to succeed professionally and personally. The thing is – it was expensive!

However, the point was that I wanted to get involved in this business – it sounded intriguing. It’s basically a direct marketing website where the site has a flash movie that sells the product for you. It’s a high ticket item and everytime you make a sale, you earn $1000! There’s also a system in place where the first 2 referrals you or your downline make also earns you $1000!

So I will give it a try. The thing with this is that it does have an annual fee as well as a monthly hosting fee for the website. I feel that the investment portion of this business is kind of steep, especially for a beginner Internet Marketer such as myself.

Unfortunately, my upline is on vacation right now so I can’t talk to him about the business. He is supposed to help me get started.


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