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Happy Cinco De Mayo!

If you’ve been a reader of my blog for a year or longer, you may recall that last year’s Cinco De Mayo was the day that changed my life forever…

That’s right, exactly one year ago, I attended my first Internet Marketing seminar in San Antonio, Texas, where I met Mike Filsaime, Tom Beal, Gary Ambrose, Terry Dean, Glen Hopkins, Jeff and Lori, Joel Christopher and several other big names in the industry for the very first time.

In fact, this weekend is almost a small reunion as a few people I met one year ago today are also here in Atlanta, including Jason Oman, Dr. Ron Capps and Dan Kelly.

Ever since that fateful day in San Antonio, my life has been on overdrive for the past year and I’ve been trying to find new ways to keep up with the growth of my Internet Marketing business.

For this reason, I am taking this opportunity to formally announce on my blog about my official Apprentice Program

I’m not going to talk about my apprentice program too much here, but if you are interested in learning more and potentially becoming a member of my team (at no cost to you), I invite you to read up on my apprentice program at


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